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This is a continuation of the Artist Experiments. There are 252 artists included in that study but with "a heavy bias towards Japanese artists".

The set of artists on this site was taken from a list of CLIP Artist sorted by their strengths within existing CLIP models. (NOTE: that site seems to be down or defunct, but you can find a version of it as a Wayback Machine capture.) NovelAI Diffusion utilizes the ViT-L/14 CLIP model, so I took any artist who had a 50% or better recognition with that model. That produced a list of 555 artists, which I then ran through NAI using the original prompt.

I estimate there's about a 10% overlap between the artist here and the artists in the original experiment. But that would leave about 500 or so artists not included in that original study.

Note: The images here have been incorporated into the Artist Experiments site. So for the full set go there.

Original Prompt

portrait of a beautiful teenager, small breasts, intricate dress, soft smile, red lips, ginger hair, green eyes, realism, {{{{drawn by ______}}}}



Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10